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If you have more than 2 animation balls, you can save your prims by using the animbox.


1.animbox can only be used by 2 players at the same time can syncronize animation by switching animation this animbox is free, no support is provided!

How to use animbox

1.Rez the animbox on the floor, Drag the xxmale and xxfemale animations from the Inventory to the animbox.

2.Click animbox > Main menu > Option > Shut down > Restart

If necessary, rewrite the MENUITEMS in the animbox. For further information, please access to the site below.

=====     Thank you for using animbox     =====

This is to inform you that there are cases in some of our previous products, where the file name on the MENUITEMS and the file name of the animation ball do not match.This is due to the difference between CAPITAL and small letters.

If the animation does not start after putting the animation file into the animbox,please rewrite the MENUITEMS’ file name so that the type of letters match the animation file name.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Updated December 6th,2011